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With a talented and passionate team of designers, every project starts by working closely with the client to build a relationship and an individual brief.

Whether you are a home owner, restauranteur or developer we like to build a strong relationship to ensure the result satisfies you and where relevant, your consumer. When brainstorming a brief with you, all possible avenues are considered in these crucial early days of a project, including identifying the project budget. This gives the best kick-start to any project.



If required, we co-ordinate with any involved architect or sub-consultants to future-proof planning, compliance and council regulations.

JAWS Interiors have the ability to work closely with the JAWS Architects team. Holistically, we offer a package that looks at the overall built environment – right down to the human scale within a space; catering for all needs.


Following on from the design concept and suggested selections, JAWS Interiors ensure all elements are achievable through design development which involves finalising the design and schedules with both the client and necessary consultants.

At JAWS we work to a budget which is checked at various stages to ensure cost control throughout the project.



Through client meetings the design is rigorously resolved and becomes more detailed as layouts, joinery, materials, furniture and lighting are considered with budget always in mind.

The passionate JAWS Interior design team have extensive experience liaising with suppliers and product representatives. Keeping up to date with artisanal makers and suppliers gives us the tools to make sure that items selected are suitable and enhance the design through research and selection.


Taking inspiration from the architecture, case studies and both the built and natural surroundings, JAWS Interiors prepare a finalised brief. The brief in turn is transformed through diagrams, and spatial planning into a sketch design.

This looks at circulation, zoning, lighting and furniture layouts. JAWS Interiors build up an interior language tailored to the project and client needs. The client can obtain an insight into what their project is shaping up to be.


JAWS Interiors can alleviate the stress of tracking furniture orders, ensuring they arrive on time and can oversee the installation on site if required.



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JAWS Interiors prepare Contract Documents. These include floor plans, furniture layouts, reflected ceiling plans, internal elevations and joinery drawings.

In accordance with the drawings and your requirements, material specifications, furniture and lighting schedules are finalised. We provide you with recommendations on the preferred building method and can assist you – if requested – through the tender / building process.